IUTAM Symposium

IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear dynamics for design of mechanical systems across different length/time scales (Core A) (つくば市, 2023.7.31-8.4) において、4件の発表を行いました。


  • Hasegawa & Kanagawa, Theory and computation of weakly nonlinear ultrasound propagation in a viscoelastic bubbly liquid
  • Nguyen & Kanagawa, Weakly nonlinear ultrasound propagation in liquids containing multiple ultrasound contrast agents with shell in buckled or ruptured states
  • Kawahata, Kanagawa & Chabouh, Effect of microbubble coated with anisotropic shell on ultrasound propagation in liquid containing multiple microbubbles
  • Kanagawa & Kagami, Theoretical and numerical analysis on nonlinear propagation of focused ultrasound in bubbly liquids toward cancer treatment by microbubble-enhanced HIFU